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Meanwhile, back on Planet Wales…


Nearly 4 years after my first post I shall post again.

Somewhere in amongst the horrors of moving 200 miles I forgot I had this. Actually I moved twice, but the second time was only about a mile. Call it 201 miles altogether.

Sooo, what now? The Cub and I are ensconced in a nice little semi with a part-time Bear. (Yeah, I moved from Cheshire to South Wales to end up in a long-distance relationship with someone in Lancashire. Didn’t think that one through). 3 years of job junting in one of the most depressed areas of the UK have resulted in becoming self-employed, making things to sell. It’s not a living but it keeps me slightly more sane than sitting in an office listening to how Wales beat England in the Six Nations. Or not as the case may be … 😉